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What is ETN?

ETN is the  Edible Towns Network. This is a beautiful concept where any urban area which is either abandoned or "otherwise planted" will be gradually re-planted with food or with flowers for pollinators. 

ETN encourages a chemical free approach to growing and encourages communities to (literally!) grow together and help biodiversity along the way.


We were inspired by the amazing work of Incredible Edible in Todmorden, UK. Check this YouTube video to see what it looks like over there, and try and imagine what it could be like around where you live....

What does being part of the Edible Network involve?

Through ETN we want to bring back the joy of growing food together. Our first priority is to encourage people to grow in local places that need to have some life brought back to them. We want to invite individuals to come together in their towns and villages to find public areas that are suitable for planting... and get growing! The ideal spots are publicly accessible places where no official permission is needed to grow foods like: vegetables, fruit bushes and trees, flowers for pollinators or better still a combination of all these! You can start in your own house and ETN people you know around you to do the same!

Why get involved?

It's all about food - we are what we eat. Growing food is great for your Health, for Biodiversity, for the Environment, for the Community and great for Society too! We think that ETN will remind people that growing food is not as hard as it seems, that it is possible to grow food in a way that brings some wildlife back to our towns and villages but that also helps communities too. 

How do you get involved?

If growing more local food already makes sense to you as a solution to protect the environment… you are in! Thank you! Sign up to our “Edible Network” mailing list to hear about what is going on and see if you can lend a hand. You choose how much you want to do, the more people in the edible groups the better, so spread the news, check if there is a local group near you to join already, if not let us know, we will put you on our map and help you to find more like-minded people near you!

This isn't limited to Co. Wexford, we hope to hear from individuals anywhere in Ireland and expand the Edible Network. We hope that many small actions, everywhere, will show that people all around Ireland are aware and  taking action for the environment! Ripple effect guaranteed!

INTRIGUED? Get in touch!

We want to connect with Community groups, Schools, Sports Groups, Parishes, but also shopkeepers and private businesses, gardeners…  anyone with access to suitable edible planting spots! 

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